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Pellets from sunflower husk
12,345/t CPT
A.T. Group, Sp. z o.o., PL +1 ad
Pellets from sunflower husk 100% pellet from sunflower. NO MIX. Only the best quality. Manufactured in Ukraine, in the best factories. We are a...
Wood pellets ENplus A1
295/t DAT  
Wholesale price
from €255/t
Northway Baltic, SIA, LV
Premium wood pellets EnPlusA1 certificate 15 kg bags 70 bags on one pallet Minimum order one truck=21...
Wood pellets 6 mm
A.T. Group, Sp. z o.o., PL +1 ad
Diameter - 6 mm • Humidity - up to 10% • Ash - up to 0.5% • The opal value - not less 19.5 GJ / t Packaged in 15 kg bags
Stock clothes wholesale
Wholesale price
Kreskat Trading, SIA, LV
Kreskat Trading is in clothing wholesale business for 15+ years. We offer qualitative clothes from European suppliers for men/women/kids; as well...
Pallet blocks for EPAL
120/cu m EXW  
Wholesale price
€120-130/cu m
Has Trading, SK, PL +3 ads
EPAL embossed cubes cost 130 EUR. Without embossing - 120 EUR. Delivery price - about 1 EUR/km Loading goods in the Polish cities - Kalisz and...
Euro pallet EPAL
6.30/pc EXW  
Wholesale price
Has Trading, SK, PL +3 ads
1. Euro pallet «EPAL» (certified) - price 6.30 EUR 2. Euro pallet used - price 5.35 EUR We produce 90 thousand units per month. Delivery price -...
Acoustic plates /Akustikplatten aus Holzwolle
4.50/pc DAP
Nordeca, SIA, LV
Acoustic plates/Akustikplatten aus Holzwolle GB388-25W, 25x600x600/1200/2400mm 1.5mm wool, white cement, chamfer 5/7/10mm, angle 45...
EURO Pallet Boards 17x75x800; 17x75x1200
115/cu m FCA  
Wholesale price
from €115/cu m
Has Trading, SK, PL +3 ads
EURO Pallet Boards 17x75x800; 17x75x1200 In stock we always have 8,000 m3. Delivery price - 1 EUR / km We sell the delivery upon full payment for the...
Wholesale price
from €0.25/pc
Ferens, SP, PL
Good apples from Poland. Stored in refrigerators. Gassed. Without hail. Large assortment: golden, mutsu, champion, ligol, gloster, idared,...
La Esmera Nachos & snacks; Private Label chips
Price on request
Grist, Sp. z o.o., PL
La Esmera snacks are characterized mainly by delicious taste, the best quality, variety of shapes and flavors - everyone will find something...
670/t FCA  
Wholesale price
HBU Agrol, Sp. z o.o., PL
Hi, Ich verkaufe technische Öle wie rohes (raffiniertes) Raps-, Sonnenblumen- und Sojaöl. Wir haben alle Zertifizierungen und...
Helmet shockproof
25/pc EXW
The helmet is designed to protect the head from impacts with heavy objects, metal rods, bottles, etc., as well as an open shingle. Preserves...
Organic soybean
Price on request
Naukowo Badawcze Centrum..., Sp. z o.o., PL
Company growing its own organic soybean, offers 500 tons of high quality certified organic soya, from its proper production.
Second hand Original Scandinavia
Wholesale price
Sebtex, SIA, LV
We offer original door 2 door and charity collected second hand stock. The clothes are unsorted and come in its original collected packaging (or...
ЭКОЯхта "Stilo 30" NEW электрическая (на солнечных батареях)
Wholesale price
Immigrants Poland HR Managers, Sp. z o.o., PL
Новая ЭКО-Яхта "Stilo 30" электрическая (на солнечных батареях)Год 2019 Количество кают: 3, Количество мест: 10, Туалет: Есть, Тип яхты Моторная,...
Барда ddgs
165/t FCA
Барда сухая послеспиртовая кукурузная (стандартDDGS). Протеин не менее 27% , влаги не более 11%, подробную информацию , вышлю на почту . Готовы...
Разработка эффективных сайтов
Wholesale price
Grand Web Outsourcing, Sp. z o.o., PL
Разрабатываем сайты и индивидуально под цели вашего бизнеса. Мы думаем о том, какую информацию получит посетитель, чем сайт будет полезен, какие...
EURO Pallet Boards 22x98x1200; 22x143x1200; 22х98х1140
90/cu m FCA  
Wholesale price
from €90/pc
Has Trading, SK, PL +3 ads
EURO Pallet Boards 22x98x1200; 22x143x1200; 22х98х1140 In stock we always have 8,000 m3. Delivery price - 1 EUR / km We sell the delivery upon full...
88/t FCA  
Wholesale price
Viva Baltic SIA, SIA, LV
Предлагаем прямые поставки угля из Казахстана Условия продажи на FCA , FOB и DAP по жд вагонами Подробную информацию отправим при...
Икра осетровая! Рыба!
Price on request
Grant-KL, Sp. z o.o., PL
Крупнейший комплекс по выращиванию осетровых и производству чёрной икры стерляди, бестера, русского осетра и белуги. Проектная мощность рыбоводной...
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